Post Surgical Garments

You’ve conducted most of the research necessary to fully understand your upcoming cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, but the idea of post surgical garments is still a novel concept to you. Sound familiar? Don’t be ashamed. Many people reach this phase in the pre-surgery process without having delved into the details of the recovery process. Post surgical garments are frequently prescribed by physicians for individuals undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures. There are garments available for tummy tucks, brachioplasty, breast and chest reductions in men and women, breast augmentation, and facial surgeries, butt augmentation among others. In this article, we will discuss some of the garments available for each of the procedures mentioned above.

Butt Lift
When you have a tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, your surgeon may choose to make multiple incisions in order to achieve the desired results. Your post-surgical recovery period is generally a minimum of 5 to 7 days, and there are several styles of compression garments which may be useful. Some patients prefer to use compression garments that focus specifically on the torso and mid-body, especially men. Women may also choose to use lower body garments to speed their recovery process.
Brachiplasty is a procedure which removes excess fat from the arms. Some liposuction may be used during this procedure, and your doctor may suggest that you use local anesthesia, although most patients still opt for general anesthesia. Your recovery period will generally last between 1-2 weeks, and your doctor may include a drain in the bandaging in order to allow excess fluid to leak out as necessary. Compression garments for this procedure may vary in sleeve length, depending on the site and extent of the surgical procedure.
Breast reduction and mastectomy in women and breast reduction in men are different procedures, despite the apparent similarities. The presence of more developed mammary glands in women may make the procedure difficult, although some men also have extensive mammary tissue. Compression garment designs differ for the two genders based on general body contour differences. Ultrasonic liposuction has become the method of choice for many surgeons performing this procedure. Mid-body compression garments, torso compression garments, and compression vests are commonly used following these procedures, with design differences based on gender.
The choice to have larger breasts can, ironically, lead to excess swelling in some women. As a result, surgeons frequently prescribe the use of a compression garment following this procedure. Healing generally takes a day or two, and compression garment options may or may not cover the areolae. Many are designed to fit above or below the breast, although support bra designs exist. Your doctor will recommend the most reasonable option for your procedure.
For patients who have undergone facial surgeries, the use of compression garments is unfortunately rather conspicuous. Many existing models focus on chin and jaw placement, while other target specific parts of the face itself. As with all of the procedures described here, the extent and complexity of the surgery determines the type of compression garment you will need.